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About Hardy Metal Fabrications (HMF)

Welcome to Hardy Metal Fabrications (HMF), an innovative venture established by the visionary founders of Premier Cooling Services Inc., a renowned HVAC industry leader in NYC for over a decade. Building on the success and expertise of PCS, HMF emerges as a specialized arm dedicated to precision ductwork fabrication.

A Legacy of HVAC Excellence:

With a solid foundation as a 10-year leader in the NYC HVAC industry, Premier Cooling Services has consistently set the benchmark for quality and service. The founders, driven by a commitment to excellence, decided to expand their horizons and venture into a new realm, giving rise to Hardy Metal Fabrications.

Duct Fabrication Expertise at HMF:

HMF takes pride in being your trusted source for precision ductwork fabrication. With a state-of-the-art, onsite computerized sheet metal shop, we ensure that all our ductwork is crafted with precision and efficiency. This unique capability positions us as leaders in the industry, allowing us to customize ducts, reduce turnover time, and kickstart projects without relying on subcontracted fabrications.

Building on Success:

What sets HMF apart is not only its commitment to excellence but also its ability to draw from the legacy of Premier Cooling Services. The same dedication to quality, integrity, and innovation that has made PCS a leader in HVAC services is now embedded in Hardy Metal Fabrications.

Key Attributes of HMF:

1. Efficiency:
   Our in-house fabrication capabilities ensure that projects start promptly, reflecting our dedication to efficiency and meeting project deadlines.

2. Versatility:
   Catering to a diverse clientele, HMF provides ductwork solutions for commercial, retail, industrial, and residential customers. Our versatile approach allows us to tailor services to the unique requirements of each project.

3. Collaboration:
   HMF seamlessly collaborates with other mechanical contractors in the industry, delivering fast, high-quality work. We can fabricate and deliver specific field-measured pieces when needed, emphasizing our commitment to collaboration and project success.

Hardy Metal Fabrications stands as a testament to the founders' vision, an extension of the success achieved by Premier Cooling Services. Trust HMF for precision ductwork fabrication backed by a legacy of HVAC expertise, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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